Private Label


Private label is a great way for small to mid-size retailers to combine our award-winning salts and seasonings with their own brand. This increases in-store customer loyalty drives sales and often offers a higher margin set of products to pair with existing store offerings.

Our private label salt and spice team will guide you through the process of creating a branded salt product from start to finish. We work closely with your team to help you achieve the result within your desired budget. The Fumage Gourmet private label process starts with an in-depth correspondence to identify your project needs and goals.


Artwork & Design

Our art department will work directly with your team, providing printing specs for your private label products. Our team will coordinate your packaging needs to ensure compatibility with our production equipment and processes.

Fumage Gourmet does not provide custom artwork, label, bag or packaging designs. Upon request, our teams are happy to provide recommendations and suggestions based on packaging size and die-lines to best suit your finished project.


Private Label Salt Product Cost & Packaging Options

Every private label project is unique and completely customized, so final costs will vary. Our team is available to answer questions and can provide custom quotes for projects upon request.

Types of packaging we process:

 Stand-up resealable zipper pouches
 Plastic refillable grinders
 Plastic Large grinders
 Plastic/glass shakers

As the most trusted name in gourmet salt, Fumage Gourmet is excited for the opportunity to work with you to develop and produce your next private label project!


Bulk Sales  

At Fumage Gourmet we provide the small to mid-size retailer our brands in bulk to fit their individual needs.

Packaging option

Ability to package from 1 lb – 55 lb sacks

 1lb-5lb resealable zipper bags
 55lb sacks

Let our team here at Fumage Gourmet supply you with the highest quality products.

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