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Fumage - Gourmet is born from the taste for the flavors of salts and the aromas of spices

Our FUMAGE salts and spices are the result of the crystallization of a dream born of the shared taste of the different salts and aromas that inspired us and awakened in our culinary spirit the desire to discover new flavors.

Thus, by experimenting with new combinations of sea salts with aromatic spices, mixing pink Himalayan salt with carefully selected herbs, we discovered unexpected touches of flavor whose only aroma transported us to an exquisite gastronomic world.

At the same time that we found our unique and personal stamp, we wanted to share it and we began to commercialize ourselves, seeking to offer a product that was not only innovative and of the highest quality, but also practical and easy to use in the kitchen.

Our success in the Panamanian market coupled with our far-reaching vision has allowed us to open borders in different markets in Central and North America.

Mission: Continue to delight the palate through tastes and aromas that turn the everyday into extraordinary.

Vision: To continue conquering markets in Latin America and North America, with innovative products of high quality and genuine presentation.


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