Reduced cured salmon of orange, beetroot and salt with flowers

For 2 persons.


3 tbsp. of Salt with Flowers, Herbs and Seeds, coarse ground Fumage.

1 piece of salmon without skin, 500 gr. approx.

1 cup of peeled and grated beets.

4 cups of mineral water.

5 cups of orange juice (not very acidic).

3 tbsp. of brown sugar.

1 tbsp. Fumage Mixed Peppers, coarsely ground.

1 roll of medical gauze or other natural fiber fabric.


For the beet juice

Blend 1 cup of grated beets with 4 cups of water for 2 minutes. Strain by pressing well in the strainer to get as much liquid as possible. Reserve.

Reduce the orange juice together with the beet juice in a small pot over medium heat until it thickens like a syrup. Let cool.

Place the piece in a bowl and shout completely with the orange and beet reduction. Let it rest for 1 to 2 hours covered in the fridge. Remove the salmon from the container and remove any excess liquid that it may have. Spread the brown sugar mixture with the salt and pepper on a small tray. Press the salmon onto the tray, so that all sides are covered with the mixture. Wrap with the gauze pressing well and tie with wick. Place in the fridge on a small tray and allow to cure for 3 days. Turn it over every day and if the gauze is excessively wet, change for a new one and tie again.

When serving, unwrap the salmon and discard the gauze. Carefully remove excess mixture, if any. Cut the salmon into thin slices being careful not to press it so that it does not lose its shape.

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