Omelet or Ham and Cheese Omelette Eggs

 Milk - 40 grams
 York ham - 100 grams
 Sliced ​​cheese - 40 grams
 Olive oil - 1 large tablespoon
 Salt & black pepper to taste
 Grated cheese - 35 grams
 First, we cut the ham and cheese into small pieces. The type of cut is
to your liking, I like to cut the ham into strips and the cheese into
medium pieces.
 Crack the eggs and pour their contents into a bowl. Add the salt and
milk and beat with the help of a fork.

 Heat a little oil in a pan and pour the contents of the bowl. Cook,
over medium heat, until the egg sets and begins to detach from the
walls of the pan. The normal thing is that in 3 or 4 minutes the egg
is ready.
 At that moment, we distribute the ham, and the two types of cheese,
in one of the halves of the tortilla, leaving the other half free.
 With the help of a spatula, fold the unfilled half over the other so
that the ingredients are trapped inside. You should have a kind of
crescent left. We cook a few more minutes. If you want the tortilla to
be well done, you can turn it over with the help of a plate and cook it
for a few minutes on both sides.
 When the cheese has started to melt, remove the tortilla from the
pan and serve immediately.

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