Passion Pepper Drink with Black Pepper

Nothing like a cocktail to end the day 🍹✨
Discover the recipe of our Passion Pepper!

Passion Pepper
• 1 cup of Passion Fruit Pulp
• 2 ounces natural syrup
• 2 ounces orange liqueur
• Tequila 4 ounces
• 2 Lemon ice cream juice
• 4 cups of ice
• 4 sprigs fresh mint
• 1 Lemon, thinly sliced
• Touch black pepper fumage

👉 BLEND the passion fruit pulp, syrup, orange liqueur, tequila, a touch of pepper and half the ice.
👉 ADD the rest of the ice little by little until you get a frappe.
👉 SERVE the margarita and garnish with mint, a lemon wedge

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