Margarita cocktail, with flower of jamaica


Salt with Ají Dulce Fumage.

3 oz. of reposado tequila.

1 oz. of Jamaica flower syrup.

1 oz. of aged rum.

1.5 oz of lemon juice.


A shaker.


Previously, a cocktail glass is chilled in the fridge.

Grind Sal Fumage with Ají Dulce in a small flat plate.

Carefully moisten the rim of the glass and frost well with the salt.

Add some ice to the shaker.

Add the lemon juice, Jamaica flower syrup, reposado tequila, and aged rum. Add a little more ice, cover the shaker and shake well for about 10 seconds.

Serve in the glass, taking care not to wet the previously frosted rim with the Sal Fumage con Ají Dulce. Garnish with half a lemon wedge.

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